Your roof is the main component of your property’s building envelope. It shields your interior rooms against moisture, wind, and other weathering elements. At Transformation Roofing & Home Services, our team inspects and services the roof with attention to fine details. If you suspect a roofing leak, learn about the top 12 reasons why contacting professionals is your next step.

1. Dealing With Slippery Slopes

Contacting our roofing professionals is critical to your property’s structural integrity and your personal safety. Indeed, walking across rooftops requires training and experience because the surfaces have steep slopes. With the proper footwear and safety harnessing, our team can inspect your rooftop without any negative effects.

Also, we can gauge when it’s safe to inspect your rooftop. From dewy conditions to incoming storms, the weather conditions often dictate when our team can walk the surface. By timing the inspection with safe conditions, we can find any rooftop leaks that might be elusive otherwise.

2. Pinpointing Leak Locations

Remarkably, roof leaks don’t always originate from where you see a stain or puddle. For example, a leak might enter the rooftop at the peak but appear as an interior leak near the soffit. Performing a repair at the leak’s endpoint doesn’t fix the real issue.

At Transformation Roofing & Home Services, our Georgia team can follow the leak with our investigative resources. Surprisingly, the leak may have several origin points. With this knowledge, we can prepare a comprehensive quote that repairs those frustrating leaks.

3. Uncovering Other Surface Damages

Searching for leaks is only part of our services. During our visit, we can give the entire rooftop a thorough inspection. Aside from leaks, there might be missing materials, such as flashing or shingles.

In addition, existing materials may demand repair. Nailing down flashing that’s been bent upward from prevailing winds is a common service, for instance. Subtle damages, including shingle pops or cracked corners, can also be quoted and repaired as necessary. Only roofing professionals can find and correct these issues during an inspection.

4. Solving Ice Dam Issues

Marietta, GA, receives some snowfall each year. As the snow accumulates on the roof, ice dams can occur along the eaves. In short, ice dam damage occurs as this trapped snow melts and refreezes, which allows water to seep under the shingles and into the attic.

With our professional inspection, our team can prevent ice dams by properly ventilating the soffit and roof peak or ridge. In addition, we might suggest attic insulation, which prevents extreme temperature fluctuations between the interior and exterior spaces. Without roofing experts, ice dams can eventually damage the shingles, underlayment, and plywood decking.

5. Balancing Roof Age With Repair Costs

At Transformation Roofing & Home Services, we can suggest repairs or a replacement project based on your roof’s condition. Ultimately, our experience and industry partnerships create comprehensive, competitive quotes within your budget. When you have a leak with an older rooftop, replacing it might be a better course of action than repairing it again.

Typically, shingle roofs with 20 or 30 years of use are replacement candidates. Repairing them is often costly and leads to further appointments as the materials decline. Discussing your replacement options with our Georgia team can save you money over time.

6. Revealing Interior Stains

Discovering one leak and calling our professional team may be just the start of the repair process. Oftentimes, multiple leaks aren’t visible yet. Consider the attic’s ceiling, floor, and adjacent bedrooms. Old leaks might appear yellow across the drywall without any moisture attributed to them now. Allowing our team to inspect your home from top to bottom can reveal any stubborn leaks originating from the rooftop.

7. Verifying Solid Decking

Roof leaks can cause structural issues with the plywood or decking under the shingles and underlayment. If a leak continues, the saturated decking starts to sag. Initially, the sagging may not be too pronounced. Over time, you should be able to see the sagging from afar.

Working with our team on a repair strategy can reduce the cost of a sagging rooftop. A minor leak may only damage a small area instead of multiple decking sections. Swift repairs or a roof replacement by Transformation Roofing & Home Services can solve those structural issues.

8. Curing Microbe Growth

Mold, algae, and other microbes can rapidly grow on a rooftop. If you suspect microbes, contact Transformation Roofing & Home Services for an inspection. These green patches may not appear damaging, but they can infiltrate the roofing materials. Over time, they break down the materials, leading to leaks. Our team can undoubtedly remove the microbes and provide prevention strategies when applicable.

9. Working With Your Insurance

By hiring professionals, we can work with your insurance if needed. Certainly, we work with many material manufacturers and insurance companies, which allows us to streamline your claim whenever possible. Without our insider knowledge, your claim may be delayed or declined altogether.

It’s our job to summarize the damages and suggest a remediation strategy. Because of our industry experience, approved claims are commonplace. Contacting us before clearing away debris or fixing any damages allows us to create an accurate quote for your emergency situation.

10. Preventing Fire Hazards

Roofing leaks and fire hazards don’t seem related, but they can create a cause-and-effect scenario. For example, a leak dripping onto electrical wires within the walls and other areas can create a short. As a result, a spark occurs and combusts with the structural materials. Our experts can repair the leak and reduce any fire hazards.

11. Curtailing Future Surprises

In the roofing industry, repairing minor issues now can save you from expensive bills in the future. If a severe storm just impacted your area, contacting our team is critical to your property’s stability. Although the roof might appear untouched from a ground perspective, our inspection may reveal serious issues.

For instance, hail damage may have pitted the shingles. Although the materials remain in one piece, minute cracks may allow moisture to seep into the building. Also, dislodged shingles can cause leak issues. Because they aren’t aligned with the other shingles, these misaligned shingles provide passageways for moisture into the home.

12. Discovering Subtle Damage

One of the top reasons to contact our professionals is our expert observation skills. A casual glance at the rooftop may not reveal any damages. With our highly skilled team, we can find those subtle areas, indicating damage and leaks are present.

Initially, we look for excessive granules or debris on the ground. On the rooftop, we carefully inspect all shingles for severe wear. In the end, a single shingle can be the source of an interior leak, but it looks normal otherwise.

Your Dedicated Georgia Team

Our Marietta professionals can repair, inspect, and replace your roof. We also specialize in roof design, gutter replacement, and emergency calls. From storm damage to annual inspections, our roofing evaluations consider every detail. Contact Transformation Roofing & Home Services to discuss your project today with our friendly staff.

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