During particularly heavy rain storms in the spring and summer, your garage could be at risk of serious water damage. Preparing for the wet seasons will help you better protect your vehicles, belongings, and home from rot and mold. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your garage fortified against rain.

Potential Damages

Your garage is an extension of your property and needs just as much protection from the elements as your other living spaces. When you find water in your garage after a strong storm, it likely came from the door, the roof, or underground.

The constant presence of moisture can cause cracks in your garage’s structural support. It may also warp or split your door, which will impact its ability to open or close correctly. Rainwater can even make your door heavier, putting excess strain on the opener system. If you encounter moisture issues in the winter, the rain can freeze the door’s seals. This will leave you unable to open the door or access your garage from the outside.

Along with damaging your garage door, persistent moisture issues can also cause mold, pest infestations, and extensive floor damage. It’s essential to monitor both your garage door and roof, or you could be faced with expensive repair costs and lost personal belongings.

Protecting Your Garage

Fortunately, there are several ways you can stop rain from seeping into your garage. Once you determine the source of the leak, you can work on stopping the rainwater from getting inside. Investing in a high-quality roof as well as in regular care will guarantee decades of efficient security.

Identify Leak

Homes located in low-lying areas tend to struggle the most with perpetual moisture issues. Rainwater will pour downhill and infiltrate the garage through the foundation or a compromised door seal. It can also come in through the roof if you live in an older home. Keep an eye out for any holes, loose boards, or missing roof shingles.

You should also regularly check your door seal for any visible sunlight around the sides or bottom. This seal can wear down due to pests, general wear and tear, and changes in your driveway’s surface.

Prevent Future Water Issues

If you’re regularly dealing with garage flooding, consider applying weather stripping or an improved seal strip. You can also install a grouted sill along the bottom of the door to act as a secure dam. Homeowners struggling with excessive humidity issues after a storm should have their insulation and ventilation professionally checked.

Don’t forget to prioritize directing any rainwater away from your home and foundation. Consider installing new gutters or drainage lines to stop water from getting under the door. If water is coming in from underground, fill in any floor cracks with a sturdy concrete compound.

In some cases, you may need a new roof installed or a new garage door. Newer doors are better insulated and offer greater weather protection. They’re also designed to last longer and come with helpful warranties.

New shingles may be the better option if you’re noticing water stains on the walls, unpleasant odors, and sagging ceiling panels in your garage. Asphalt shingles typically last between 15 to 30 years, depending on your chosen style. It’s best to replace a failing roof quickly before the damage spreads inside your home. Allowing rainwater to sit around your foundation can compromise the safety of your property, dramatically increasing your future costs.

Even if you don’t need a new installation, routine roof and door checks can catch issues early before they result in repairs and part replacements. Investing in regular maintenance also prolongs the lifespan of your garage’s essential systems.

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