Depending on the condition of your roof, you may be able to have any damage repaired, or it may be necessary to tear off the existing roofing materials and completely replace it. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional roofing contractor perform an inspection. Most experts recommend having your roof inspected every year, but you should also schedule an inspection if you suspect your roof was damaged by a major storm. While having to replace the roof on your home is undoubtedly a major investment, it is something that can really pay off in a number of ways.

Leak Prevention

Old or damaged roofs are extremely prone to leaking, and replacing the roof is the best way to stop leaks and prevent the roof from leaking in the future. A leaking roof can be extremely expensive as all of the water can cause serious damage inside your attic. If the leak is severe, you may also end up with extensive water damage on the ceilings and walls in your living areas as well.

If you have a shingle roof that leaks, the water will start to soak into the wooden roof sheets underneath the shingles. This can cause the wood to start to rot or crack and warp. In some cases, this can lead to part of the roof collapsing due to the sheets no longer being strong and sturdy enough to support the weight of the shingles.

Roof leaks can also cause a serious mold infestation in your attic that may potentially start spreading to other parts of your home. If you do start having mold growing in your attic, you will usually need to pay to have all of the contaminated insulation removed and then replaced. You also need to have a professional mold remediation company clean and disinfect the entire attic or else the mold will quickly return.

New Roofing Warranty

One advantage of replacing your roof instead of repairing it is that your new roof will then be covered under a warranty. A roofing warranty will cover some of the costs of repairing or replacing any damaged roofing materials for a set length of time. Most roofing warranties cover not only the cost of the replacement materials but also the associated labor and installation costs.

Asphalt shingles typically come with a 25- or 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, but some higher-quality shingles have a 50-year warranty. If the roof starts to leak or the roofing materials fail or suffer damage while still under warranty, you won’t have to cover all of the costs to replace or repair it on your own.

Increased Property Value and Curb Appeal

Another advantage of replacing your roof is that it can add to the value of your home. Any time you sell a home, the roof will always undergo a professional inspection to determine its condition and if it needs any repairs or needs to be completely replaced. If the roof does have major damage or is leaking or in poor condition, you will typically have to pay to have it repaired as a condition for selling the house. The buyer may also choose to hire their own contractor to replace the roof, but the replacement cost will still be deducted from the final purchase price.

Replacing your roof can also greatly improve your home’s curb appeal and make it much more attractive to prospective buyers. Even if you’re not planning on selling, a new roof can still make your home look nicer and increase its beauty. Shingles and most other types of roofing materials are available in a huge range of colors and styles. This allows you to choose whatever look and style you like most or that best complements the rest of your home. A new roof can also quickly give your home a facelift and help it look more modern and stylish.

Improved Energy Efficiency for Your Home

A new roof can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and allow you to save on your monthly energy bills. Modern roofing materials are much more energy efficient as they are typically much better at reflecting sunlight. This means that less heat will be absorbed through the roof so your home stays cooler in the summer and your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard. If your existing roof is dark colored, replacing it with a lighter-colored material will improve energy efficiency even more since lighter colors reflect much more sunlight and thus don’t absorb as much heat.

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